2 Sept 2014

Guest Mix: Fading Yellow's Jörgen Johansson

Today's guest mix comes from the man behind the long running, and much loved series of psychedelic pop compilations which bear the name "Fading Yellow".
Jörgen Johansson is the man, and as this mix evidences, his tastes are esoteric.

"I started making mix tapes for my friends in the late seventies and from then onwards, sending and receiving them was important in forming my taste in music. 
Making mix CDs from the nineties up until now has been convenient but the cassette ones will always be dear to me.
I started my business "Tracks on Wax" in 1982 selling rare 45s including US garage/psych and UK freakbeat/psych. Between 1984 and 1988 I ran a label (also called "Tracks on Wax"), releasing Swedish bands such as The Creeps, Watermelon Men and Problem.
1993 saw the release of the first "Diggin´ For Gold" LP compilation featuring obscure and great sixties beat from all over the world. Record Collector "borrowed" the name "Diggin´ For Gold" for one of their regular features - know this for a fact.
In 1995 I released the first "Fading Yellow" compilation in an edition of 330 copies - LP only, with the first redux CD coming out in 2002.
Volume 16 is out later this year, both on vinyl and CD.
By the way, the 2002 CD was released 2012 as a 10 year anniversary edition Double LP with gatefold sleeve.
The songs I've included in the mix have been with me over the years and I return to them often I hope that you, the listener, will enjoy this selection"

1.Stargazer by Shelagh McDonald
2.Lydia Purple by The Collectors
3.Never ending by Ian Matthews
4.Baltimore Oriole by The Cryan' Shames
5.Summer Day Reflection Song by Donovan
6.Lady Orange Peel by The Attack
7.All Your Sisters by Mazzy Star
8.Floatin´ by George Bean
9.Skipping Through the Night by NGC 4594
10.Organ Grinder by Mark Almond
11.Don´t Take the Night Away by Billy Elder
12.Oh How she Changed by The Strawbs
13.What a Way to Go by The Appletree Theatre
14.The French Girl by The Daily Flash
15.Aunt Violet´s Knee by Kensington Market
16.The Sun by The Pretty Things
17.Some Good Advice by Bill Fay
18.Michael Angelo by The 23rd Turnoff
19.Tomorrow by Southwest F.O.B.
20.My Woman by Alexander Rabbit

You can stream Jörgen's mix here:

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