15 Apr 2013

Record Store Day!

You've all entered the Trouble in Mind Record Store Day competition right?

Well here's your other treat for Record Store Day.

To get you all in the mood, we've put together a special mix of your favorite sixties songs, covered by some of our favorite artists. Some have been pulled from the archives of these bands (the Sky Picnic track dates from one of their earliest sessions), others recorded especially for this collection.

Thanks to all of the great artists who've gotten involved.

Thanks also to Dawn Louise Sims for the great sleeve art - see more of her art here: http://www.sunriseart.co.uk/

So as not to distract you from actually getting out and visiting these great stores on the day, we've made an executive decision to give you this wee treat early - it's a FREE DOWNLOAD, but you can make a donation to the running costs of the Active Listener if you feel so inclined (no pressure though!).

And let's not forget what Record Store Day is all about - please visit and support your local independent record store, not only on Record Store Day, but also as often as possible throughout the year. They're an invaluable resource and paying a dollar more here and there ain't too much to ask to keep these fine folks providing us with their knowledge, expertise and the best music money can buy.


  1. By coincidence immediately before visiting this post I'd just listened to Daydream Machine's Dawn, the track that opens this Record Store Day comp, and it's beautiful! Amber posted the video over on WTSH just yesterday, and I checked it out this morning: http://whenthesunhitsblog.blogspot.com/2013/04/video-daydream-machine-dawn.html