22 Apr 2013

Vince & His Lost Delegation Review

Reviewed by Nathan Ford

Vince Posadzki may not be a name you're familiar with but that doesn't mean that he hasn't been busy.
Since moving to France from Canada he's spent time in the Fatals, BobPopKillers, The Chimiks, and Destination Lonely, as well as a stint drumming for acclaimed acid revivalists Aqua Nebula Oscillator.
Clearly Posadzki's not green around the edges which goes some way toward explaining the self assured and some may even say brash nature of Vince & His Lost Delegation's self titled debut.
Recorded in just three days with Adrian and Simon from Aqua Nebula Oscillator onboard this is a spontaneous and varied E.P that covers heaps of ground, from the swirling garage psychedelia of "Don't Wanna Go Back There" to the more aggressive "La Fin du Monde" with a giant guitar riff, punctuated by stabs of demented Bad Seeds style organ.
In my opinion though, the best moments occur when the volume is dialed back and Vince allows his trippier sensibilities to take hold. You'd assume that "I Hate You" would be a snotty garage anthem, not the  subversive piece of sickly sweet, phased psychedelia that it turns out to be. It sounds like an outtake from the second Ultimate Spinach album. And it's fantastic.
Best is saved for last though with "Try To See Around" a sparkling folk rocker that recalls early Love or the Byrds filtered through an offkilter Flying Nun sensibility that gives it an appeal, both fresh and timeless.

Available here as a 12" E.P.

The first two tracks can be sampled below:

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