11 Nov 2012

Balduin - Kite Come Back / Change - Review

One of the main reasons I started this blog in the first place was to do my small piece to help hard working, talented and deserving artists reach a slightly wider audience.
Swiss one man band Balduin is one gent who fits this bill down to a tee and with such an impressive (and huge) back catalogue behind him it's certainly well past time he received a little more attention.
I draw your attention then, if I may, to his upcoming 7" single release "Kite Come Back" / "Change" available for streaming via Bandcamp.
On the evidence of these two sides Mr Balduin is certainly some sort of baroque psych-pop prodigy, able to hold his own against his more lauded peers - Jacco Gardner, Beaulieu Porch and so forth.
Both sides are kaleidoscopic bubblegum psych treats that show off not only his compositional, but also production and arrangement skills impressively.
"Kite Come Back" showcases a surprisingly dirty guitar sound that still manages to retain it's wholesome bubblegum goodness thanks to it's whimsical lyrics and multilayered vocal delivery.
"Change" on the other hand is a baroque sounding piece of psych pop with layers of mellotron and what appears to be harpsichord.
Sugarcoat your eardrums below, and keep an eye on Balduin's Soundcloud page (here) for new tunes often :

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