3 Nov 2012

Shucks. One Year Old Today.

The Active Listener celebrates it's first birthday today!
The year's gone really quickly, but in a lot of ways it feels like I've been doing this forever as well.
Thanks to everyone who's helped out, supplied stuff for review, joined the Active Listener facebook community, become friends or even just read over the last year.
With the help of a bunch of generous and talented musicians and artists I've been able to put together a pretty great compilation to celebrate the birthday.

You can stream or download the compilation here.

There are also a very limited number of home duplicated cassettes of the compilation available too. E-mail me at nford150@gmail.com to check availability and reserve a copy. The tapes cost $2 U.S + $10 U.S postage (they'll be shipping from my home in distant New Zealand, and our postal service is very expensive unfortunately). Postage to New Zealand or Australian addresses will be cheaper of course.

Here's the tracklisting for the compilation, along with links to the artists who contributed tracks.
Please visit these links and support the artists, even if it's as simple as liking them on Facebook.

1. The Magnetic Mind - Laser Fingers
2. Sir Psych - Fly Without Wings
3. Zane Armstrong - Julia (Alt. Version)
4. Sky Picnic - Farther In This Fairytale
5. Les Annees - Catherine Fields
6. The Solar System - Dreamer's Distance
7. Mordecai Smyth - I've Been So Tired
8. The No-Men - Let's Escape Reality
9.Darius Greene - Leaves Around Their Eyes
10. Tony Wakeford - Victor Sleeps
11. Chuck Owston & Sara Masters - Amethyst
12. Emily Jones - Bed of Mud
13. The Rowan Amber Mill - Mandrake, Hemlock & Rye (Ergotism Version)
14. The Hare & The Moon - The Rolling of the Stones 
15. Sproatly Smith - Willow's Song  

The cover art was put together by Dale Simpson Art & Illustration.

I've got some more compilations in the pipeline too, so follow the Active Listener on Facebook to keep an eye on further release information for them.
The next compilations (for there will be at least two) will be free bandcamp downloads (well, 200 free a month as that is the maximum bandcamp will allow).
If you're an artist of a psychedelic or folkie nature that would like to feature on one of these, send me an e-mail at nford150@gmail.com with something to listen to and we'll see what we can do.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a surprise too........................................ \

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