5 Nov 2012

MMOSS - Only Children Review

Trouble In Mind

I was one of the many who missed MMoss's excellent debut album last year, but after playing catch up (you can download it here from bandcamp as a name your price download) I made damn sure I wouldn't miss out on the follow up. Good thing too as "Only Children" is even better than it's predecessor.
While certainly not all but a lot of retro psychedelic outfits (and these guys are psychedelic in the truest sense) seem to pick one sound that they like and stick to it, Mmoss pick a bunch and do them all impeccably. "War Sux" is freaky Krautrock with taut Motorik rhythms and trippy Floydesque organ work.
"Another Day" is stunningly melodic UK style psych pop goodness with distant flute and plenty of phasing that seriously understays it's welcome at 1.57. "Okay" meanwhile captures all of the drama of the Byrds "John Riley" in a totally effortless fashion.
It's like they've rifled through my record collection, pulled out a bunch of my favorite albums and somehow managed to find a selection of tracks hidden in the grooves that I've been unable to access myself.
If this makes it sound as if Mmoss don't have a sense of their own identity, let me put that to rest immediately. While they have a diverse set of influences, every track on here sounds very much like it comes from the same collective brain, an ambitious one certainly, but one that knows how to put it's own distinctive stamp on everything it touches.
Another winner for Trouble in Mind Records and one to put on your Christmas list.

Out November 13. Keep an eye on the Trouble in Mind website for more info.

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