27 Nov 2012

Wyrd Radio

This week's episode of Active Listener Radio is something a little different, very English and very weird.
Those of a nostalgic bent should hopefully enjoy this.

Tightrope - Theme
12 Gates of the City - Ginger Baker & The Airforce               
Julia Dream - Pink Floyd                   
Autumn Theatricals - Moon Wiring Club           
Evacuation - Mike Oldfield       
Children Of The Stones - Theme               
The Cornubia - BEAK>
The Seventh Seal - Scott Walker           
Willow's Song - Doves       
Environmental Studies - Delia Derbyshire       
Turn Into Earth - Al Stewart   
Number 33 - Jan & Lorraine       
I See You - The Pretty Things       
Tam Lin - Fairport Convention       
O Death Melmoth The Wanderer Mix - Sproatly Smith               
Sky - Theme
Wicked Annabella - The Kinks       
Wenceslas Square - John Cameron               
Spine Of A Wave - Emily Portman       
Hammer House of Horror - Theme               
Highgate Cemetary - Roy Harper                   
The Astronauts - Peter Howell       

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