9 Nov 2012

The Active Listener Psychedelic Hour

Sorry for the lack of activity for the last few days - it's getting into busy season here over the next few months. Here's an hour long psych mix of old classics and a few newbies thrown in for your streaming pleasure, that I put together a few days back - enjoy!

Can Your Heart Stand By Buddy & The Huddle
Easy Ryder By Ty Segall & White Fence
I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time By The Third Bardo
I'm Leaving Home By Kathy McCord
Enigmatic Insomniac Machine By Principal Edwards Magic Theatre
Silver Runner By Leisure Birds
My House By Michael Yonkers Band
Fuzz's Fourth Dream By Fuzz
Generator By Gap Dream
Frond By Pond
Mind Flowers By The Ultimate Spinach
The Lemonaide Kid By Kak

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