21 Nov 2012

The Active Listener Psychedelic Sampler 12/12

December's sampler is here for you patient people, and I think it's even better than last month's.
Please take some time to visit the band's links below to continue to support their music.
Download through the bandcamp link at the bottom of this post.
I'm always on the look out for exciting new psychedelic acts to feature on future samplers- feel free to send me a sample if you'd like to feature - message me on the Active Listener facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Active-Listener/188959981198270

1. Mechanik- Radian
From The E.P "You Yourself Are The Teacher & The Guru" Available Here
2. The Sufis- Wake Up
From the Album "The Sufis" Available Here
3. Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor - Black Mind
From The Album "Spectra Spirit" Available Here
4. WJLP - The Moon King
Check Out WJLP on Soundcloud Here
5. Sun Eater - Horse Head 
From The E.P "Sun Eater" Available Here 
6. Dead Radio -Scotch
From The E.P "Crystal Moth" Available Here
7. The Smoking Trees- Calling
From The Album "Acetates" Available Here
8. 8X8 - Snowflake In The Rain
From the Album "Anatomy of an Apricot" Available Here 
9. The Club Of Rome - Better Man
Check Out The Club of Rome on Facebook Here
10. Steve Somerset's Shadow Kabinet - Roll Over Week
Previously Unreleased. Check Out Steve Somerset's Shadow Kabinet Here
11. The Prisoner of Mars - Super Duper
From the Album "Gestalt" Available Here
12. Flat Ed - Horn Meuh Nice
Check out Flat Ed on Soundcloud Here
13. Dead Horse One -Undone
From The E.P "Dark Horse One" Available Here 
14. Street Smells - 30 Moons Past
From The Album "Creamy" Available Here
15. The Resonars - Across The Golden Border
From the Album "Crummy Desert Sound" Available Here Soon
16. The Time & Space Machine - River Theme
From The Album Volume One. Visit The Time & Space Machine on Facebook Here 

Stream or Download Right Here :

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