3 Nov 2012

The Active Listener Psychedelic Sampler 11/12

Well, I mentioned yesterday that I had a special surprise for you all, and here it is.
The first monthly psychedelic sampler.
You can download or stream it at the bottom of the page.
This first volume features:

1. Sky Picnic - Rippled
From The Album "Paint Me A Dream" Available Here.
2. The Red Plastic Buddha - Tao Of None
From The Album "All Out Revolution" Available Here.
3. Kontiki Suite - See You In The Morning
From The Album "On Sunset Lake" Available Here.
4. Ummagma - Colors
From The Album "Antigravity" Available Here.
5. The Spyrals - Evil Kind
From The Album "The Spyrals" Available Here.
6. Prince Rupert's Drops - Plague Ride
From The Album "Run Slow" Available Here.
7. Vintage Cucumber - Mondsucht
From the Album "McGoyl Style" Available Here.
8. Beaulieu Porch - Virgil Part Two (Goodbye, World!)
From The Album "In Touch With The Infinite" Available Here.
9. Dennis Olsen - Aubade At Dawn
From The E.P "Aubade" Available Here.
10. Sir Psych - So Long, I'm Gone
Unreleased Outtake From The "Hello Echo" Album Sessions. Visit Sir Psych on Facebook here.
11. Paisley Sky - Liquid Salient Dreams
Paisley Sky is Malc Thompson who supported artists like the Easybeats, PP Arnold, The Kinks, and Skip Bifferty in the 60s and is still going strong today. Check out his Soundcloud page here.
12. The Electric Mainline - Let Me Drift Away (Live)
From The E.P "All Too Much" Available Here.
13. The Solar System - Bis Nigh
From The Album "Haze Of Deep Dawn Clutching For Air" Available Here.
14. Spanish Moss - Witch Rings
From The Album "Kelp" Available Here.
15. Jacdraw - How Societies Remember
Jacdraw is a new project from former Raven Beats Crow member Robin Peters. Previously unreleased.

Here's the deal - Bandcamp allows me to give you 200 free downloads a month, so the first 200 downloads will be free, and after that downloads will cost 50c for the whole album (the minimum price that Bandcamp will allow). Each month there will be another 200 free downloads available, so if it's showing as a 50c download and you'd rather get it for free, just wait until the next month's free downloads allocation becomes available. Apparently once the 200 monthly free downloads become exhausted Bandcamp then automatically make the download price $5.00 - I'll keep an eye on this and change it to 50c as soon as I can, but there may be a period of 24 hours or so where it's set at $5.00.
I've made the download a name your price download, so that you can download it guilt-free for no cost. If you'd like to donate a little towards the upkeep of the site you'll have the opportunity to pay a little, but please don't feel compelled to.
Volume Two will be available sometime in December.
There's a folkish compilation on the way too, and a Xmas special.
Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more release details.

In the meantime enjoy this, and please take the time to check out the artist's other work.

Download or stream it right here :

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