6 Nov 2012

Lazy Dynamite - Bang! Review

A release with an unusual backstory this one. Lazy Dynamite are actually James Justin and Jerry Sintich of progressive power-pop outfit Vinyl Sun.
Seems the lads decided that Ko Samet Island in Thailand would be as good a place as any to write and demo new material for the third Vinyl Sun album. The picturesque location doesn't seem to have distracted them any, as after a couple of months work they left well tanned and with two albums of demo material under their collective arms.
They've decided to release this material as free bandcamp downloads so that they can get a general consensus on which tracks are worth focusing on for future Vinyl Sun recordings.
While the conditions these demos were recorded in (a Fostex 4 track tape recorder, an acoustic guitar, a Shure Beta58 and a Boss SE-50 processor), may lead you to expect something a little shabby, these compositions feel very much complete as they are with complex vocal harmony parts and the sort of Beatlesque acoustic tunes that the mersey lads were knocking out just pre-Rubber Soul.
It doesn't hurt that Justin's voice has a Lennonish bite to it, especially on gritty cuts like "Down On You" and "Love Seems to Hate You".
Sure, there's some residual analogue fuzz from the recording process that depending on your age you'll either find warmly comforting or a little distracting, but there's no doubting the craft that's gone into the songwriting and arranging here.
There's also a second volume, although this first one is my pick.
Check it out here.


  1. I've come across these guys on Soundcloud as well. They have an incredible knack for melody, arrangement and harmony. Very Beatlesque.

    Should Lazy Dynamite actually take these tracks to full studio production, they will undoubtedly create one of those rare albums that is actually worth paying for.

    Pop Perfection stripped down to its most basic ingredients. Love it!

  2. So many great songs here! Lazy Dynamite is tops!! Thank you Active Listener for shining a light on these guys. New fave.

  3. Mmmm this is delicious! I love the lo-fi sound here. It makes things feel much more intimate and real. The songwriting and harmonies are absolutely superb! You guys seriously have something going on here.

    There wasn't a track out of the 10 that didn't make my jaw drop for one reason or another.

    You've got yourself a new groupie!