27 Jan 2013

Thomas McConnell's "Back Seat of My Car"

Reviewed by Nathan Ford

Last year I reviewed a set of Soundcloud tracks from young Liverpudlian Thomas McConnell (review here).
I made many noises of approval, pointing out how much he sounded like Paul McCartney, and generally implied that life would be much better all round if Macca were still producing tunes this good.
Since then he's released a single via Bandcamp (here), and gifted us a rather good Rutles style send up of "I Am The Walrus" for the most recent Active Listener Psychedelic Sampler (here).
McConnell has gone one step further with his latest release due out on Wednesday, covering Macca's "Back Seat of My Car", originally the epic finale of "Ram", which finally seems to be getting the love it deserves after last year's reissue.
While one might expect a fairly straight cover from so fervent a Paul fan, McConnell's reinterpretation offers a bunch of surprising detours, with layers of backing vocals and other bits and pieces reappropriated from other "Ram" tunes cropping up in a rather busy mix that may sound a bit overwhelming on first listen, but fits together rather snuggly and logically once you've got your head around it.
You'll be able to download it for FREE from http://thomasmcconnellmusic.bandcamp.com/ on Wednesday.

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