26 Jan 2013

Nick Saloman Shares Details of the New Bevis Frond Album.

Yesterday Nick Saloman made mention on his Facebook page of how well the recordings for the new Bevis Frond album were going.
I prompted him for a little more info on the recording and this is what Nick had to say :

"We were booked in to Gold Dust Studios in Bromley to start work last Monday, but the weather meant we had to delay things by a day.
Over Tuesday & Wednesday we laid down 19 live backing tracks. That's with a line-up of me, Nick Saloman on guitar and guide vocals, Paul Simmons on guitar, Adrian Shaw on bass, and Dave Pearce on drums. We had Dave Palmer at the controls.
On Thursday Paul & I went in to do our guitar overdubs. Paul did all his stuff by the end of Thursday. I went off to play 5 a side football (as I do every Thursday night), stayed over in London with my mate, Mark Burgess who runs Flashback Records (the best 2nd hand record shop in London). It was a bit cramped at Mark's flat, as he's just bought a collection of 25,000 albums. Yes, 25,000, sadly for me, they're all soul (70s onwards), funk, dance, disco etc, not really my thing. Some nice rarities though. I imagine if you're into that stuff, you'd have a field day! Actually, what is a field day??
Anyway, Friday I wanted to complete all the guitar parts, but just as I was finishing up, I did a typical bit of guitar string bending and the string gut stuck between my fingertip and my nail, and managed to make a painful little cut under my fingernail, so I decided to call it a day.
I'm back in on Monday to finish off the guitar parts, do the keyboards and acoustic guitar stuff. Tuesday I aim to do the vocals, and then I'll try to mix it down by the end of the week.
I aim to have the album out by May. At the moment it's looking like it'll be a double CD and double vinyl (or maybe even a triple vinyl)...it depends how it sounds to me when I've finished it. So there you go. That's about all I can reveal at present.
Cheers, Nick"

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