7 Jan 2015

Sun Eater "Arum / Twin Peaks"

Reviewed by Nathan Ford

One of the first bands that I championed in the Active Listener's early days was this Tacoma based stoner/space rock trio. Their lo-fi but musically expansive debut had more than its fair share of surprises and managed to completely bypass the overwhelming 'meh' factor that I normally associate with all but the best stoner rock.

At the time this trio were all around 16 - surprising given the depth of that material - but this new E.P is in a whole new ballpark. A-Side "Arum" is a lengthy anthem with the perfect balance of lumbering riffery and trippy explorative guitar work reaching into the stratosphere. Great stuff, but the B-Side is the real surprise here; a spooked, desert-swept run through of Angelo Badalamenti's memorable "Twin Peaks" theme which twists the synthy melodrama of the original into  a creation of unexpected subtlety.

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