27 Jan 2015

The Bingers "Gonna Get You"

Reviewed by Nathan Ford

I like the name the Bingers a lot. Hell, I liked it when I thought it had something to do with the strip club from the Sopranos, but now that someone has pointed out to me that it's actually a play on the fact that these guys binge, it makes a lot more sense. And the impression that "Gonna Get You", their latest 7" E.P gives, is that the Bingers have certainly ingested more vintage garage rock n roll than their dietary consultant would recommend in one sitting.

It takes a lot for a garage rock band to distinguish themselves these days. The competition is plentiful. But the Bingers have one very important thing on their side. Sure, they may sound like a bunch of snotty punks, but they also realize that buzzsaw guitars and attitude will only get you so far. With that in mind, they've ensured that all four tracks here are laden with big, memorable hooks.

The real immediate big hitters are on the first side, but the flip displays unexpected depths, with "Hideous Heart"s heavily reverbed vocal bellows subverting a classic rock n roll vocal melody in a fashion that betrays keen observational skills. And while the surf guitar riffs come thick and fast on all of these tracks, special mention should be made of "Wired", which maintains the menacing strut of vintage Link Wray played at Dick Dale velocity.

Recorded live to six track, these four tracks have a raw gutsy charm that seems to confirm that the Bingers onstage are most likely a fearsome, face melting proposition. That they've managed to capture something that demonstrates this so well on tape is a rare treat.

The 7" E.P is available here.

Stream / digital download available through the Bandcamp widget below:

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