24 Jan 2013

Powder Blue "Dream in Black" Review

Four piece Saskatoon femme psychers Powder Blue aim to provide "the soundtrack to your dreams and nightmares" with their debut "A Dream in Black".
These aren't your run of the mill 'giving a speech in your jockeys' nightmares either. Anyone out there seen "Curse of the Crimson Altar"? Yup, that's the sort of dreams we're dealing in here - kinky, diabolical ceremonies, wreathed in multi hued smoke and presided over by an uncomfortable looking green skinned Barbara Steele. For those of a less obscure persuasion who might be getting a little lost and ready to jump ship, what I'm trying to get across here is that "A Dream in Black" is moody, hazy and deeply psychedelic. And way cooler than it has any right to be.
"Go On Forever" is the perfect opener with a lovely, lyrical guitar line emerging from the hazy layers of organ, topped by the dreamiest of vocals, as if your subconscious had been given voice.
The mood remains unspoilt throughout with vocalist / keyboardist Elsa Gebremichael's keyboards a particular treat - bold when they need to be but able to offer plenty of texture as required.
"Hot Fire" is a more playful proposition, with it's sinuous guitar riff suggesting an Americanised Stealing Sheep, while "Turn to Dust" displays their uncanny knack to mix the moody and the melodic with a killer hook.
More please. Now.

 Visit Powder Blue's official website.

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  1. I don't see any links at their site or Facebook for buying physical of the EP...which should be out by now. Can you help Nathan?

  2. I'm sure if you message them through Facebook they'll point you in the right direction Dan

  3. Heh, believe it or not, I'm not on Facebook! (Too complicated and dreary to explain.) But I messaged them through their site.

    I've listened to the tracks on Soundcloud and I'm in agreement with you about the quality of this. The way their voices blend is exquisite. Thanks again!!

  4. Here's the response I got, sadly can't get the vinyl anytime soon!...:


    "Dream in Black" is available for download at: powderbluemusic.bandcamp.com

    Physical copies of the Vinyl are currently only available via live shows:)


    Powder Blue

    1. You can get our vinyl on our bandcamp page! Sorry for the miscommunication, Dan did you ever get one? We'll send you one:)

  5. Bugger I was hoping to pick up an LP at some point too.

  6. Vinyl of Dream in black are available for purchase through bandcamp!