13 Feb 2012

New Bob Dylan and Neil Young Live Titles Available For Preorder

There are a few CD companies in Europe lately that have been taking advantage of a copyright loophole that allows the manufacture of unauthorized live CDs of concerts broadcast on U.S radio that were not performed in European countries.

There have been a number of these released already, and two of the best of these quasi-legal CDs are available to pre-order very cheaply now.

Bob Dylan's Carnegie Chapter Hall Concert From 1962, and Neil Young's Cow Palace Show From 1986.

Bob Dylan - Carnegie Chapter Hall    BUY IT HERE

On the evening of November 4, 1961, ten months after arriving in New York and nine days after signing with Columbia Records, Bob Dylan performed 22 songs at Carnegie Chapter Hall in New York City, an auxiliary practise room to the main, very prestigious central concert hall. With a 100 person capacity, only fifty three paying customers attended the show, meaning a loss for the promoter.
Dylan had been making a reasonable name for himself in the folk community around NYC’s Greenwich Village since his arrival in the city, and had achieved good reviews playing in the area’s coffee bars and folk cellars, most notably from Robert Shelton on the New York Times.
The first seven songs from this performance came into circulation among collectors some years ago. Five additional songs appeared in December 2004 and a further two (‘Talking Merchant Marine’ and ‘Talking New York’) turned up in May, 2008. It is generally believed that no other songs from this earliest of Dylan performances are in existence anywhere. All of the available material has been pulled together for this remarkable release.
With a tracklist comprising four Dylan originals, plus a further two Dylan arrangements of traditional tunes, two Woody Guthrie songs plus a mixture of other traditionals and folk and blues standards, the historical value alone of this recording, available legitimately now for the first time, is reason enough for its release. However, the show is enormously enjoyable and the quality of the recording remarkably good considering the circumstances and its age. Certainly during the actual songs, the sound remains relatively consistent. Interestingly, the drops in volume that occur between certain numbers were unavoidable as, being a rather informal event, Bob would be shuffling about for lyrics, harmonicas in different keys and other paraphernalia while addressing the gathering, and in doing so moving away the vocal mic, which was connected via a fairly primitive two channel mixer to the PA.

1. Pretty Peggy-O
2. In the Pines
3. Gospel Plow
4. 1913 Massacre
5. Backwater Blues
6. A Long Time A-Growin’
7. Fixin’ to Die
8. Talking Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues
9. Man on The Street
10. Talking Merchant Marine
11. Black Cross
12. Freight Train Blues
13. Song to Woody
14. Talking New York

Neil Young - Cow Palace 1986     BUY IT HERE

By the time Neil Young played the indoor arena just outside San Francisco formerly known as the California State Livestock Pavilion - but since 1941 simply known as The Cow Palace - on his Live in a Rusted Garage with Crazy Horse tour of 1986, he had already released 16 solo albums, three more with Buffalo Springfield and another three with Crosby, Stills & Nash or members thereof. And while across this staggering body of work, amassed by the time this troubadour of troubadours had reached only his 40th year, there were highs and lows, the overall quality and influence of his work by this juncture in his career was almost unsurpassed in the world of contemporary music.
This spectacular show was caught in all its magnificence by KLOS FM, and broadcast across the airwaves for all to witness. The Palace held a particular resonance for Young; it was here that he recorded live a majority of tracks for Rust Never Sleeps in 1978, with the accompanying film of the same name directed by Shakey himself capturing that gig perfectly. At well over two hours long, and boasting impeccable sound quality, on his return visit some 7 years later Young draws from his full catalogue of work, albeit peppered with 8 of the 9 tracks that would be included on his 1987record Life, here being given an early airing to crowd and listeners alike, and proving popular if the reaction of the live audience is anything to go by. Somewhat sensibly, Neil restricts choices from his July 86 offering, Landing on Water, to a solitary cut, then as now an album often considered his worst.
After a lengthy introduction Young reveals his ongoing fondness for the vocoder, before he finally launches into the earliest composition performed during proceedings, the much-loved Buffalo Springfield number Mr Soul, followed by two more classics, When You Dance I Can Really Love You and Down By The River. By this point the mood of the evening is set and over the next 120 or so minutes Young and The Horse do what they do best, playing what is often voted Neil Youngs finest show of the 1980s.
With Young in a boisterous yet jovial mood, and displaying so much of his unique guitar work, plus forays with harmonica, vocoder and even a telephone, and Messrs Sampredo, Molina and Talbot in their finest form for years, this performance at Cow Palace on the 21st November 1986 illustrates perfectly if anyone were still in doubt - what all the fuss is about.

Disc: 1
1. Introduction
2. Mr. Soul
3. When You Dance, I Can Really Love
4. Down by the River
5. Too Lonely
6. Neil s Mom Calls
7. Heart of Gold
8. After the Goldrush
9. Inca Queen
10. Drive Back
11. Opera Star
12. Sam Kinison Calls
13. Cortez the Killer
Disc: 2
1. Sample and Hold
2. Computer Age
3. Violent Side
4. Mideast Vacation
5. Long Walk Home
6. The Needle and the Damage Done
7. When Your Lonely Heart Breaks
8. Around the World
9. Powderfinger
10. Like a Hurricane
11. Hey Hey, My My
12. Prisioners of Rock n Roll

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