10 Feb 2012

Cottage of Electric Hell's Children of the Drones

I'd like to draw your attention to an excellent compilation put together by Cottage of Electric Hell
( visit their excellent blog here ). Blog coven leader Fearlono writes in a very entertaining manner and has impeccable taste.

Children of the Drones is a very well mixed selection of various bits and pieces of hauntology, folk, seventies TV and movie themes, with the odd ( very odd ) public service announcement thrown in for good measure. Donald Pleasence's efforts to keep children away from water are a particular highlight.

Seamlessly mixed, it's a total joy from beginning to end.

In Fearlono's words : ' Here's a compilation I made about three years ago. It consists of spooky, warped & wigged-out music; and is heavily treated with samples from freaky kids TV shows and off-kilter movies. Took me ages to make it, and a lot of weed. '

Download it here.

There are lots of other great mixes and custom soundtracks available at the site too so make sure you visit. Some links were hosted on megaupload, but hopefully they'll be re:upped soon. The more of us that ask for them the more likely we are to see them perhaps.  The Horror of Abbot's Grange sounds particularly interesting...


  1. Good news - all of Cottage of Electric Hell's megaupload download links have been replaced with mediafire links. Go to it ghouls.