8 Feb 2012

Smashing Pumpkin's Billy Corgan Tweets new Pisces Iscariot Reissue and Oceania Details.

Billy Corgan tweeted the following today about the upcoming Pisces Iscariot reissue : “(Pisces) will have a recreation of band original demo tape (1988) + a NEW Glynis remix from master tapes and also on the DVD a full UN-EDITED performance (1988) on local cable access w/ false starts, dialogue (shot at Roselle Music!)”. This has circulated in poor quality for some time as The Psycho Tapes ( sample below ).

and about Oceania : ”I think we’ll have a release date to announce in the next few weeks. Signing record deal now…”

Exciting times for Pumpkins fans, with industry insiders having very positive things to say about Oceania, and the Pisces reissue looking to have some pretty great content.

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