7 Feb 2012

Bill Callahan Covers Leonard Cohen

The latest issue of Mojo magazine sees them jumping on board the ever popular Leonard Cohen tribute bandwagon, with a free CD full of Cohen covers, including Bill Callahan A.K.A Smog, covering So Long Marianne. Focusing on Cohen's first album, this allows us the novelty of a disc of Cohen covers without Hallelujah, surely a first.

The general consensus on these Mojo covers CDs seems to be that they're a bit of a waste of space with the odd moment of inspiration, but I tend to rate them more highly than this, and this one looks like another winner to me.

Check out Callahan's So Long Marianne here :

And you can hear short samples of the rest of the disc here:

It'll sound better on CD though, so go out and buy the mag!

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