11 Feb 2012

The Twisted Nerve Mix

Cottage of Electric Hell's excellent Children of the Drones compilation has inspired me to attempt to put together a similar compilation of my own.

Where his is expertly mixed into one seamless whole, mine is a simple compilation with no effort to blend the tracks together. I've attempted to sequence it as logically as the sometimes illogical track selection will allow. Hopefully it all fits together OK and you'll find something of interest. This is a much more niche compilation than I've put together before, so I'm not expecting a massive amount of downloads, but hopefully there are a few adventurous listeners out there that'll get a kick out of this.

 It should be noted that the tracks contained herein are intended to invoke the glory of the featured artists, and not to provoke the wrath of the copyright gods. However, should any copyright holders object to their material being on this non profit mix, they need only contact me and I'll gladly remove it.

                                                    DOWNLOAD IT HERE 


  1. Thanks for your compilation - it's down to bloggers like yourself that keep the excitment going in discovering new music.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Sage, it's always good to hear something positive! Glad you're enjoying it.