11 Sept 2012

On The Active Listener's Stereo This Week:

What's been on my stereo this week? :

Apache Dropout - Bubblegum Graveyard
Bob Dylan - Tempest
Paul Messis - The Problem With Me
James McKeown - English Dream
The Frowning Clouds - Propeller 7"
Faine Jade - Introspection: a Faine Jade Recital
Strangelove - Time For The Rest Of Your Life
Thomas McConnell - Songs To Make Your Boots Sizzle 
The Growing Concern
The Flight Reaction - Mourning Light 7"
Pye Corner Audio - The Black Mill Tapes 1 & 2
The Solar System - Lysergic Summer

What have you been listening to?


  1. Bob Dylan - Tempest
    Goat - World Music
    Man - The Welsh Connection
    Manfred Mann Chapter Three - Volume 1
    Allah-Las new album
    Jade Warrior - Floating World

  2. Ooh, Manfred Mann Chapter Three is totally kick ass. Love it.

  3. These are the cds spinning/lps rotating currently:
    Fleetwood Mac :: Tusk
    Fleetwood Mac :: Future Games
    Donald Fagen :: The Nightfly
    Lotus Plaza :: Spooky Action At A Distance
    Ty Segall & White Fence :: Hair
    Mordecai Smyth :: Sticky Tape & Rust
    The Spyrals and lots, lots of Bevis Frond...