26 Sept 2012

The Soundcarriers - Boiling Point / This Is Normal 7" Review

The Great Pop Supplement 7"

It's been a long time between drinks, but we're a patient type us Soundcarriers fans, and our patience has now been rewarded with this tasty wee 7" on the rather excellent and always limited edition Great Pop Supplement label. Good things do take time after all, and this is a very good thing indeed.
But enough with the cliches, onto the music itself.  A good old-fashioned double a-side with a vinyl bonus track to boot, the term embarrassment of riches would spring to mind if I hadn't just sworn off cliches.
Lead off track "Boiling Point" is a barnstorming opener that sounds like a live in studio performance - the sort of thing Broadcast may have come up with if requested to rock politely but firmly. Great elliptical vocal hook too, and it sounds as if drummer Adam may have grown several extra pairs of arms for this one.
"This is Normal" is a more experimental track with celebrity friend / fan Elijah Wood laying down an enjoyably daft monologue over a very solid rhythm track with plenty of interesting keyboard, guitar and flute interjections fading in and out of the mix.
Vinyl bonus track "Eff.R" is a strong instrumental jam which will reward future cratediggers. Surely a nod to David Axelrod, with an eminently sampleable rhythm track, nice textural keyboards and acid guitars acting as a suitable backdrop to some of the finest flute work we've heard yet on a Soundcarriers release.
Oh yes, this bodes very well for the next album.

Due out October 1 - order via the Great Pop Supplement's website right here.
I suspect the lovely lads at Norman Records will get a few of these as well, so check them out too.

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  1. MMM..love the song & vid. thanks for posting. looking forward to hearing the other 2 on there. SWEET!