7 Sept 2012

Active Listener Radio - Folk Police Active Listening Exercise.

You'll notice that this is another episode of Active Listener radio with a guest mix. After the song and dance I made of manning up to my responsibilities for last week's show, you may have expected that I had finished shirking my responsibilities and that this week would feature another mix from myself. Well, that was the intention, but when I've got such fine friends as Nigel Spencer from Folk Police Recordings sending through such superlative mixes as the one you're about to listen to here, it'd be plain un-neighbourly to not use them. More from me next week, but until then please complete this Folk Police Active Listening Exercise.

Kraftwerk – Tongebirge (Ralf und Florian)
Robert Wyatt – I’m a Believer (Solar Flares Burn For You)
The Holy Mackerel – Wild Flowers (The Holy Mackerel)
The Artichoke House – 23 National Corner (When the Carnival’s Over)
Michael Chapman – Postcards of Scarborough (Fully Qualified Survivor)
The Bevis Frond – Portobello Man (Valedictory Songs)
Kevin Coyne – House on the Hill (Majory Razorblade)
The Black Flowers – Polly On The Shore (I Grew From a Statue to a Stone)
Alan Stivell – Brezhoneg Raok (Chemins de Terre)
Duane & Greg Allman – Morning Dew (Delta Swamp Rock compilation)
Green Man – Salisbury Plain (What Ails Thee?)
Meg Baird – Willie o’ Winsbury (Dear Companion)
COB – Scranky Black Farmer (Spirit of Love)
Bob Pegg – The Headrow Song (Keeper of the Fire)
Fosdyk Well – Slumber (Slumber and Stark Lots)
John Pantry – Red Chalk Hill (The Upside Down World of John Pantry)
The Glitterhouse – Tinkerbell’s Mind (Colour Blind)

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