18 Sept 2012

Dennis Olsen - Aubade Review

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As if further proof was needed that Norwegians know how to put together some fine psychedelia (see Dog Age), Dennis Olsen has come along with this little home recorded, Bandcamp released E.P, which is certainly one of the finest new things I've heard so far this year.
Olsen also plays in a band called 2nd Class People ( whom I've yet to hear ), but "Aubade" is a totally solo affair, and according to Olsen is "a lo-fi concept".
If this is Olsen's idea of lo-fi, I'd love to hear what he could do with a bit of a budget behind him, because this is a gorgeous, sweeping piece of psychedelia with layers of lush overdubs the likes of which I haven't heard since the release of Tame Impala's "Innerspeaker".
Tame Impala fans will certainly find a lot to enjoy here, but it's far from a copy-cat job with Olsen's songs having uniformly strong choruses of their own, and some quite wonderful and transcendent moments of space rock which are perfect for headphone listening.
The trippy rocker "Disappear for a While"  recalls not just Tame Impala at their best, but also the joyous psychedelia of the first Verve album, while "Discussions With a Shade" shows a gift for dynamics that can't be taught, with huge fuzz guitars, an epic chorus and walls of massed vocals.
Check this out immediately, and expect to hear a lot more from this very talented young gent.
Available through this link as a "name your price" Bandcamp purchase.

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