2 Oct 2015

The Active Listener Acid Folk Sampler Volume Two

In 2012 we published our first Acid Folk Sampler (which you can still stream or download here), with the intention of revisiting the idea and regularly releasing further volumes. Over things captured my attention and that never ended up happening, but better late than never, we're now compiling a second volume, which is shaping up even better than the first in the series.

We are now accepting submissions for Volume Two.

If you'd like to submit a track, please e-mail me at the active listener at hotmail dot com with
a streaming link for the submitted track
a download link for a lossless version. 

No need for a new or exclusive track (although they are welcome too). Mostly, we're just looking for you to choose one of the best (and most lysergic or spooky) tracks from your most recent release to help draw some new listeners your way.

Deadline for submissions is October 10 (although I may reassess this).

I'm anticipating a big response for this sampler, so this does mean that I'll only be able to feature a fraction of the tracks that are submitted.

Looking forward to hearing your submissions. There's been some great stuff sent through already.

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