27 Oct 2015

This Week's Quick Links

Watch Kraftwerk's very first concert, from 1970, in this priceless footage.

The Legendary Pink Dots have released a free / name your price Halloween E.P on their Bandcamp page. It's going to be removed soon apparently so grab it while you can!

You may remember how our obsession with White Candles led us to track them down and rerelease their amazing EP on our own label. Mainman Timothy Meskers now has a new project called Garden Gate, featuring the same musicians. There will be an album through Sunstone Records next year, but you can stream three of the tracks here right now.

Sugarbush Records have just released a limited run of vinyl copies of the most recent album by Active Listener favourites The Green Pajamas. There are only 250 copies of Death by Misadventure on translucent green vinyl, and over 50% of them sold on release day, so get in quick. And Sugarbush Records prices now include free shipping to anywhere in the world, so pick up excellent back catalogue releases from the Greek Theatre, the Cosmic Rough Riders and the like while you're there.

Diane Coffee have recorded a couple of Dinosaur Jr and Berlin covers for Aquarium Drunkard's Lagniappe Sessions. Free download here.

There's a new Elephant Stone single out in the next few weeks featuring Alex Maas of The Black Angels on guest vocals. You can stream it here now.

Noisey / Vice are streaming the new remaster of Popol Vuh's soundtrack to Werner Herzog's Nosferatu here.

Jacco Gardner's rhythm section have their own project now, Eerie Wanda. They'll have an album out next year on Beyond Beyond is Beyond. Check out the video for their song Volcano Lagoon here.

And lastly for this week, Adam Leonard's Invaderband has a new single out in December. There's a wee preview of Attack of the Pod People here.

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