26 Apr 2015

Dynammo "1980"

Reviewed by Nathan Ford

As far as I can see, this looks like the first English language review for this E.P from Argentina's Dynammo, which is kind of surprising for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it's been out since October last year, so there's been plenty of time for someone to discover it. And secondly, its quality is immediately apparent. So this seems to have fallen into some sort of black hole, but I'll do my best to retrieve it for you because it is quite, quite lovely.

"1980" it may be titled, but this debut E.P absolutely screams 1990, from the layers of reverb laden jangle, to the hazy dream pop vocals, to the slightly thin sound of the production which affectionately references the U.K indie guitar scene of that year with a careful, well observed eye (or ear).

Its four tracks certainly leave you wanting more, with enough variety on show to imply that a full length would certainly not outstay its welcome.

Whether we're looking at the Motorik / Wire rhythmic mashup of "Veloz" or the dreamy washes and billowing guitars of "Hologrammas", the lovely femme vocals are given ample support, casting a captivating spell which makes this listener very keen to hear more.

Available through the band's Bandcamp page here:

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