21 Apr 2015

The Active Listener Sampler 31

Here's this month's sampler for you.

Jackie Donner has supplied the sleeve art again - check out her new music blog Archival Shift.

This month we feature the following tracks:

Cranium Pie - The Lost Song
Kobadelta - Maskirovka
Craig & Yikii - Whale in the Belly
The Owl Service - How the Gods Kill
Klaus Morlock - First Gathering
NM and the No Man Band - Pineline
Alice Artaud - Ouroboros Theme
The Ilk - Jabberwocky
The Moon Band - In My Clothes
Jim Griffin - The Ranger and The Cleric (Edit #1)
Ocean Music - When I Was the Setting Sun
Chef Menteur - Terpsichore
Gilligan Smiles - Atlas Johnson & The Chestnut Green Railway
Charles Howl - Give Me Solar
Ten Mouth Electron - Young Nuns

The Bandcamp page has links to all of these artists if you would like to hear more. Please investigate any artists that you enjoy from the sampler!

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