28 Apr 2015

Wesley Fuller "Change Your Mind" / "Melvista"

Reviewed by Nathan Ford

Young Melbournite Wesley Fuller certainly looks the part - all Cream-era Clapton curls, and billowing paisley shirts - and this handy little E.P suggests that he's done his homework musically too.

I'm not 100% sure whether the CD-E.P which arrived in the post for me to review is available to buy, or just for promotional purposes (I'm sure any prospective buyers could enquire here to find out), but it's certainly an appealing package. And for those who's needs aren't as physical, you can download both tracks through the Bandcamp links below on a name your own price basis.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, although not much convincing is going to be required of you, I'm sure. Fuller obviously has some neo-psychedelic tendencies - that much is apparent from his carefully cultivated image. What is more surprising is how much of a glam stomp these tracks both employ, and how well it helps accentuate the jangling guitars and big psych-pop harmonies.

"Melvista" is the pick of the two for me with lovely, jangling guitar arpeggios, carefully stacked harmony vocals on an irresistible power-pop chorus, and an infectious, percussive thump that adds up to a ridiculously catchy piece of ear-candy.

Very fine indeed, and very well crafted for a home studio recording.

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