25 Feb 2016

Stream / Download new Shadowgraphs Double A-Side with Pink Floyd & Kinks Covers.

Charlotte, North Carolina based neo-psychedelic band Shadowgraphs have followed up their debut EP "Return to Zero" with a new double sided single "Midnight Tea".

Art by Delilah Jones
"Midnight Tea" features covers of Pink Floyd's "See Emily Play" and early Kinks rarity "This Strange Effect".

Shadowgraphs' Charles Glade explains: "Between “Return to Zero” and our follow-up LP (due out in the summer time) Bryan had just finished setting up his new 24 track tape machine. We knew that the quality was going to change, and we wanted to get used to using it before we jumped right into a big LP so that we understood what to watch out for, how to organize, how to calibrate each time, etc. Simultaneously Bryan had been wanting to do a cover for a while and thought that he would surprise his girlfriend, who was half way across the world at the time, with a song directed to her. This song was “This Strange Effect”. " Tackling this and the more challenging "See Emily Play" has opened doors for the band Glade explains: "This song was an awesome experience for everyone in the band. We were playing things on different instruments that we wouldn’t usually mess with, which has given us a lot of ideas for our new LP"

That new LP is expected for Summer, and will be a more ambitious affair than anything the band have attempted so far "There will definitely be more instrumentation. I know this time around we are going to include horns , vibraphones, real plate reverbs, and some more things…" teases Glade.

In the meantime Shadowgraphs will be playing Phuzzphest in April with Neon Indian, The Ohh Sees, Chairlift and Sunflower Bean, as well as a gallery art show in Charlotte NC tonight (26 Feb), and shows on March 3rd at Snug Harbor, Charlotte NC and March 11 in Winston Salem, NC. Checkout their Facebook page for more info.

"Midnight Tea" can be downloaded and streamed here:

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