7 Aug 2013

The Active Listener Sampler #11 Out Now!

August's sampler is with us, with tracks from some of my favorite albums of the month (I'm looking at you Sufis, Trappist Afterland, and Hollow Mirrors), plus a bunch of other amazing new tracks that will renew your faith in mankind.
The Hypnotic Eye and The Book of the Lost also premiere tracks from their forthcoming albums.

As always it's a free download, with any voluntary donations greatly appreciated and put towards the running costs of the Active Listener.

Oh, and that amazing sleeve art comes from the pen / computer / mind of the extremely talented Matt Talbot - salivate over more of his art at http://mattrobot.com/ . He'd love a commission or two I'm sure.

This month's sampler features:
1. The Sufis - No Expression
2. Elastic Sleep - Anywhere
3. Hollow Mirrors - The Falling of the Hour
4. The Janitors - Do It Again
5. The Hypnotic Eye -Thought Machine
6. Gemini Revolution - Panic On The Noon Meridian
7. The Striped Bananas - Dark Peace
8. The Book of the Lost - Instrumental Theme
9. David A Jaycock - Decanting Sand
10. Trappist Afterland - The Penitent's Rail
11. Cornershop - Free Love
12. Big Dwarf - Kill 'em (In Their Sleep)
13. Quimper - Aleph Null 
14. The Boxing Lesson - Better Daze
15. Juleah - Oceanride
16. Kanoi - Suspicions Aside

"Where Can I hear more from these artists and buy their material?"  I hear you ask. 
Follow the links and please support these talented people!

The Sufis : http://store.cornershop.com/
Elastic Sleep : http://elasticsleep.bandcamp.com/
Hollow Mirrors : http://hollowmirrors.bandcamp.com/
The Janitors : http://thejanitors.bandcamp.com/
The Hypnotic Eye : https://www.facebook.com/hypnoticeye
Gemini Revolution : https://soundcloud.com/geminirevolution
The Striped Bananas : http://thestripedbananas.bandcamp.com/
The Book of the Lost : https://www.facebook.com/thebookofthelost
David A Jaycock : https://soundcloud.com/david-a-jaycock
Trappist Afterland : http://trappistafterland.bandcamp.com/
Cornershop http://store.cornershop.com/
Big Dwarf : http://ajarrecords.com/shop/big-dwarf-towards-abstraction-album/
Quimper : http://quimper.bandcamp.com/
The Boxing Lesson : http://theboxinglesson.bandcamp.com/
Juleah : http://juleah.bandcamp.com/
Kanoi : http://kanoi.bandcamp.com/

And the sampler is right here.

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