9 Jun 2015

"Box Records Vol. 1"

Reviewed by Joseph Murphy

Collecting unreleased, out of print, forthcoming or just plain hard to find tracks – many from limited edition cassettes, bonus discs and sold out 7” presses – from Box Records’ many great bands, “Volume I” is for those who slept through the original pressings; this is a second chance for a few deep cuts and rarities from the likes of Haikai No Ku, Joseph Curwen (whose track is exclusively here), Luminous Bodies, Blown Out (whom I've previously reviewed here and here) , Bong and Khünnt. For a full track list, check out the label’s website or the Souncloud link below; there are a lot of heavy hitters here.

Doom laden, heavy psych reigns, but Box Records’ minds certainly don’t limit themselves to the genre. In press material, it’s made clear; they’re much more interested in music that is “emotionally charged, honest and true,” and so this compilation acts as evidence of that masthead, pulling – very carefully – from folk, electronica, punk, and elsewhere. So no matter if you come for the raw no wave punk of Queer’d Science, the grunge noise of Foot Hair, the experimentation of Gnod and Beauty Pageant, the earnest lo-fi folk of Richard Dawson, or Waskerley Way’s ambient electronica, Box Records has collected some of the UK’s most interesting and intriguing underground acts.

For a label that specializes in limited runs, this digital compilation is a natural step; it keeps these songs in circulation. Besides that, it’s well curated too and a fine beacon for new listeners. This one is out now.

This is the perfect gateway release from an inimitable tour de force – and most importantly, discerning listeners too.


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