13 Feb 2015

The Young Sinclairs "Change Your Mind" b/w "Once or Twice"

Reviewed by Nathan Ford

When fabulous boutique psych label 13 O'Clock Records (a favourite of ours, if you hadn't already guessed) aren't tied up releasing album of the year contenders like this, they're building up a steadily growing catalogue of killer 7"s.

The freshest of these comes from Virginia based garage folk-rockers the Young Sinclairs. You probably remember me going all evangelical about them when Ample Play released this excellent introduction to their work late last year. If you didn't end up getting that, then you should. And get this at the same time, as they're pretty much incapable of doing wrong in any form. I'll hold back on the 'injustices of the world, why aren't they household names' schtick, but you get the general idea. The a-side is a one man show with YS mainman Samuel Lunsford handling all instruments and vocals by himself. It's a lovely Chilton-esque piece of power folk-pop, with one of those achingly sad choruses that middle aged record store owners would base a sermon on in a High Fidelity world. It really is indecently good.

The b-side sees Lunsford collaborate with fellow Young Sinclair John Thompson, which doubles the 12-string jangle quotient nicely, and coupled with another devastatingly understated chorus guarantees another winner.

Lovely vintage sounding folk-rock, ideal for fans of the Kinks, or anyone looking for a less amplified take on Big Star or the Who.

You can order directly from 13 O'Clock Records here.

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