30 Jun 2012

The Active Listener Is Temporarily Off The Air

That's right folks, it's holiday / vacation time for the Active Listener - normal transmission will resume shortly.

I'll be back in August. Up until then it's unlikely that I'll even check my e-mails, facebook or twitter so please don't be offended if you don't hear back from me right away. While I'm away, keep the Desert Island Discs, Out of the Crates, promo downloads and interview requests coming in. I'll be sure to get back to each and everyone of you when I get back.
If you have physical promo to send while I'm away please send it to
Nathan Ford
C/O - Flat 6/41 Atawhai Drive
Nelson 7010
New Zealand
instead of the normal address. I am more likely to review material supplied on vinyl than on mp3 or CD.
And remember my intention here is to point people towards great music that I like, so if your music isn't my sort of thing I'll just not review it rather than give it a negative review. I'd rather focus on music that I really love than bag music which I'm not into that others might be. So if you send something through which doesn't get reviewed, chin up. I'm just one guy with weird tastes.

In the meantime here's the latest episode of Active Listener Radio to keep you out of trouble.

Features the music of The Magnetic Mind, Temporal Love, Sisters of your Sunshine Vapor, Dean Allen Foyd, The Spyrals, Paul Messis and Jessica Winter, The Allah-las, Spider 72, Sendelica and Pepe Deluxe.

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