13 Jun 2012

The Magnetic Mind - Maybe The Stars, Maybe The Sun 7"

Reviewed By The Active Listener.

I'm constantly digging for new psych sounds and find a lot of great stuff, but it's not often that I'm stopped in my tracks the way I was by the A-Side of London based psych revivalists "The Magnetic Mind"s first 7".
"Maybe the Stars, Maybe the Sun" is undoubtedly one of the most authentic slices of sixties style psychedelic pop/rock you'll find this side of the millenium.
Classic west coast vocal harmonies, a stomping mod / motown inflected beat, fuzz guitars to die for and a fantastic breakdown which leads into a killer organ break that would fit in nicely on the first Mandrake Memorial album.
Think the Peanut Butter Conspiracy, a far groovier Judy Dyble era Fairport Convention, early Jefferson Airplane and the likes.
The B-Side "Laser Fingers" mines the same rich seam, with tremulous fuzz guitars, intricate psych organ and an anthemic, repeated refrain of "try it now....." which crystalizes the sound and innocence of 1967 into another bite sized piece of psych pop perfection.
More please.

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