13 Jul 2013

Introducing Elastic Sleep (Free Download)

Scouring my inbox the other morning as I attempted to reach a state that could be loosely termed 'awake', I found an e-mail from the fantastically named Ecstatic Sheep. Upon rubbing my eyes furiously, and focusing a little harder I ascertained that the band it was from was actually named Elastic Sleep - not a bad consolation prize namewise and fairly appropriate given the current state I was in.
I get a lot of music e-mailed through to me, with quality varying wildly from phenomenal to terrible (or terribly inappropriate to send to me anyway - I get so so so much Metal ).
This however was at the phenomenal end of the spectrum and absolutely 100% up my street.
A short two minute burst of intensely melodic shoegaze with just the right grit to beauty ratio.
This lot are gonna go places.

Free download and stream here :

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