11 Jul 2013

Mix CD Competition

We haven't had a competition for a while here, and this one's a little bit outside the square but if you love making mix CDs this could be right up your street.


# Put together a mix CD of your favorites tunes - lets keep it to ten tracks only (as I have to have time to listen to all of the entries to choose the winner).

# Send it to me at:

The Active Listener
Mix CD Comp
Att: Nathan Ford
15 Watson St
Nelson 7010
New Zealand

# Fancy artwork or packaging may be the deciding factor if I'm having trouble deciding between the two best entries.

# Make sure you include your name, e-mail and postal address.


# The winning entry will receive all of the mix CDs that have been entered (except your own entry). It could be 2 CDs, it could be 100 - who knows? If there aren't many entries I'll add a few other mystery bits and pieces to the prize pool.

# I'll keep your winning entry and upload it onto the Active Listener Mixcloud Page for all to hear.

Right - hop to it! Entries close August 22. Depending where you're sending from, post may take up to a couple of weeks to get to me, so please allow time for this! Whether this is a success or not depends entirely on you - looking forward to seeing how many entries turn up, and listening intently.

Keep in mind your target audience - a mix full of hip-hop and top 40 isn't likely to score well here, no matter how well it's compiled.
Let's prove that the art of the carefully crafted mix CD isn't dead!
Remember, the mixtape is an artform - an outlet for your musical sophistication.
Who will be crowned king (or indeed queen) of the mix CD?

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