12 Oct 2015

The Active Listener's Acid Folk Sampler Volume Two

Here's a very late follow-up to our first Acid Folk Sampler, which came out back in 2012. We had a heap of submissions from many, many talented artists, so working out what to feature was very, very difficult indeed. As a result we've ended up with something of a mammoth volume, with 26 tracks in total - hopefully not too much for you all to digest!

There's quite a wide array of sounds here, with plenty of Wicker Man-esque folk-horror, pagan folk, acid-folk, some Hauntology / rural electronic sounds that bridge the gap between Nic Jones and Boards of Canada, and a selection of more overtly psychedelic folk tunes nestled near the middle of the mix.

You are welcome to download free of charge - just enter $0 into the payment field - or if you enjoy our services, please consider making a small donation to help cover our various costs. Download here.

We're pretty proud of how great this mix turned out - it's a great showcase of what the current underground wyrd folk scene has to offer. Thanks to all of the featured artists, and to you for listening.

Please investigate more of the artist's works through these links:

Edith AUFN: https://edithaufn1.bandcamp.com/
Ashley Remblum: https://myspace.com/theashleyremblumproject
Twelve Thousand Days: https://twelvethousanddays.bandcamp.com/
Briars Frome : https://briarsfrome.bandcamp.com/
Zeuk: https://zeuk1.bandcamp.com/
The Soulless Party: https://thesoullessparty.bandcamp.com/
The Hare & The Moon: https://soundcloud.com/thehareandthemoon
Sand Snowman & Chris Wade: https://sandsnowman.bandcamp.com/album/tell-the-trees-its-autumn-again
Blue Bees Sky Attack: https://bluebeesskyattack.bandcamp.com/
The Age: https://the-age.bandcamp.com/
Cactus Flower: https://cactusflower.bandcamp.com/
oG Musique: https://ogmusique.bandcamp.com/
Joonatan Elokuu & Aura Shining Green: https://kiiltomatolyhty.bandcamp.com/
James McKeown: https://jamesmckeown.bandcamp.com/
The Gray Field Recordings: https://soundcloud.com/the-gray-field-recordings
Alice Artaud: https://aliceartaud.bandcamp.com/releases
The Heartwood Insitute: https://theheartwoodinstitute.bandcamp.com/
Adam Leonard: https://adamleonard.bandcamp.com/
Emily Jones: https://owltextures.bandcamp.com/
Alex Monk: https://alexmonk.bandcamp.com/
Katje Janisch: https://katjejanisch.bandcamp.com/
The Ilk: https://theilk1.bandcamp.com/
The Left Outsides: https://theleftoutsides.bandcamp.com/
Wolverton: https://wolvertonmusic.bandcamp.com/
Holy Contour: https://holycontour.bandcamp.com/
Mr Pine: https://wisdomtwinsbooks.bandcamp.com/album/the-gift-of-wolves-and-rewilding

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