10 Oct 2013

The Active Listener Sampler Number 13 - Download Now!

Now that your eye has been caught by Matt Talbot's psychedelic cat, perhaps you'd care to check out this month's sampler?
Lots of exciting stuff for you to check out as usual, including Sky Picnic's cover of "The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This" from the upcoming "Forever Changing" tribute, premieres for tracks by Orgasmo Sonore and the White Kites, Neils Children covering Broadcast's "Black Cat" as a tribute to Trish, Balduin's psychedelic take on the Kinks "Autumn Almanac" and a whole host of the month's best new music.

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1. The Dandelion - Pleiadian Love Vibration 02:30
2. Rosco - The Girl From Orbit In Dub 07:28
3. Sky Picnic - The Good Humor Man (He Sees Everything Like This) 03:22
4. Orgasmo Sonore - Sabba 05:57
5. Neils Children - Black Cat (free) 04:08
6. Our Solar System - Merkurius (edit) 02:54
7. The White Kites - Clown King 03:29
8. 8x8 - Azalea's Room 04:31
 9. Shadow Folk - Point Pleasant 02:12
10. Os Noctàmbulos - Forget Everything 03:22
11. Balduin - Autumn Almanac 03:06
12. Magic Cat - She's Like Danger 03:00
13. Haunted Leather - Sophie's Song 07:38
14. The Velcro Lewis Group - Inside My Cloud 03:38
15. The Citradels - Take It Out 08:29

Download or stream through this link, and please let us know what you've enjoyed:

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  1. Love the blog and really like the Dandelion, keep it up were listening