10 Aug 2012

Active Listener Radio - Sir Psych Guest Mix

Huckleberry Mudflap
This week's episode is a very special guest mix put together by Pop Psych archaeologist extraordinaire Sir Psych. Super tasty and obscure - thanks Sir Psych! 

Wie Kan Me Nog Vertellen (1970)By Boudewijn De Groot
Friendly Indians Colstar (1967)By Charolette Wood
Non E Francesca (1967)By I Balordi
I Can Hear Colours (1967)By Motives
Clouds (1969)By The Kynd
It (1968)By The Excelsior Spring
Artificial Face (1968)By The Hobbits
A Bolond Lany (1973)By Illes
Reencontro (1969)By Os Canibais
I Can't Help The Way I Feel (1967)By Last Friday's Fire
Blue Surf (1969)By Huckleberry Mudflap
Do Re Mi (1968)By Mock Duck
Reach Out To Find Me (1967)By Hagar And Samson
Snow (1968)By The United Travel Service
Sweet Little Innocent Lorraine (1967)By Clock-Work Orange
Black Hearted Woman (1968)By Burlington Express
Trees (1968)By Puff

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