27 Oct 2012

Vintage Cucumber - Mc Goyl Style Review

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"Mc Goyl Style" is the third album from Johannes Schulz as Vintage Cucumber, and if it's anything to go by the back catalogue will be well worth investigating too, especially as all three are available here as name your price downloads from Bandcamp.
While the name may lead you to expect this to be a fairly tongue in cheek affair, Schulz's calling card is actually moody instrumental rock music which takes in a number of genres, but has a very distinct sound of it's own.
Opener "Mondsucht" is a trippy piece of psychedelic post rock with delayed guitars and atmospheric samples of baying wolves and communicating astronauts.
What follows is a masterclass of instrumental psychedelia taking in everything from the pastoral, communal Krautrock of "Aloha A Hui Hau" to the moody ambient of "Kosmische Welt Zwischen Sedna & Phobus".
The laid back ' Grau Schimmert Es Mir Hervor" boasts a bass riff which uses the devil's scale, reminiscent of "Black Sabbath" and the basis for a number of classic stoner and doom riffs as well as enough trippy textures to keep the pickiest space rock aficionado happy.
And he's not afraid to make things a little heavier and more claustrophobic as closer " Der Weg Führt Heim" demonstrates in a rather sinister fashion.
Overall, it's a great continuation of the tradition of German outsider music, which does the spirit of the late sixties and early seventies pioneers proud - and for those with no interest in such things, it's just a great album to zone out and relax to, never quite sure of what's going to poke it's head out of the mix at you.
Very nice.

You can download or stream it from the link below:

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