30 Oct 2012

Stream or Download The Active Listener Halloween Mix

With Halloween just around the corner, I wouldn't be doing my job properly if I didn't put together a Halloween mix for you.

Mr Collins from Stone Tape Recordings beat me to the punch with a few tracks I was intending to use with his mix posted a few days back, causing me to dig a bit deeper, but I think the effort was worth it.

A mixture of classics and obscurities - progressive rock, soundtrack pieces, psychedelia and more.

Johann Sebastian Bunsen Burner By WJLP          
Ghost at the Piano By Fabio Frizzi                          
Come To The Sabbat By Black Widow  
Black Candles By Umberto      
Passaggi Nel Tempo By Calibro 35
The Dead Will Walk The Earth By Anima Morte                      
The Witch (Made to Measure) By Clinic      
Laurie's Theme By John Carpenter & Allan Howarth
Esor Yram By The Hare And The Moon      
Transmission Four - Crooked Hill (Edit) By Pye Corner Audio
Funeral In Carpathia By James Bernard      
Do You Believe In Evil?                  
Chylde Of Fire By Witchcraft      
Suspiria (Celesta And Bells) By Goblin          
Strange Sleep By Les Baxter      
The Executioner    By My Solid Ground                  
They're Coming To Get You Barbara                  
Phantasm (Main Title) By The Owl Service
Mondsucht (Edit) By Vintage Cucumber                          
Woman Of The Devil By Warhorse          
Vendetta By Fantômas      
Hotel Lament By Fabio Frizzi                      
Terror (Edit) By Oscillotron      
Ritual Knife By Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats      

Download link : mediafire

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