13 Oct 2012

Want To Be On The Active Listener's Christmas Compilation(s)?

I'm on the scrounge again: The Active Listener's First Birthday compilation has proven so popular that I'm going to put together another collection for Christmas.

The costs of putting together and shipping the cassette version were considerably higher than I'd anticipated so the Christmas collection will be available as a Bandcamp download only - which means with no shipping or production costs fo
r me to recoup it'll be a FREE DOWNLOAD.

I'd like to do separate Psychedelic and Folk / Acid Folk collections this time assuming I get enough tracks, the only question now is who wants to be included?
Please e-mail me at nford150@gmail.com if you have a track that you'd like to donate to either of these compilations.
I'll need it in a lossless format.

Here's hoping we can end up with something even better than the Birthday Comp. Thanks!

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