13 Oct 2012

Download or Stream the Active Listener's Chillout Mix :

While chillout mix is a phrase that quite rightly strikes terror into the hearts of all sane men, the fact is that the idea is sound - even if the execution often leaves something to be desired. Here's my attempt at a chill out mix for psychedelia and folk lovers - hopefully an enjoyable alternative to those Morcheeba laced mixes of old....

 Download here.

The Eighth Tower Part I    By Adam Leonard       
Morning Sun By The Cosmic Rough Riders
From The Morning By Beautify Junkyards           
Life Aboard The International Space Station By James McKeown       
The Swan (Lord Of The Reedy River) By Donovan       
King Conrad By Maston           
Silent Garden By The Fallen Angels               
Son Of God By Parchment       
Mothers    By S. Carey       
Witches' Reel By Katie Rose           
Leave Me Here By The 23rd Turnoff
Beyond The Wychelm By The Advisory Circle       
To Walk the Night BY The Owl Service           
Something for Nothing By Sir Psych   
Green Grass Grows By Belbury Poly       
The Sky Children By Kaleidoscope   

Stream it here :

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