15 Oct 2012

The Active Listener's First Birthday Available on Bandcamp or on Limited Edition Cassette.

The 4th of November is the first anniversary of the Active Listener, and to celebrate I've put together a limited edition cassette release of tracks from many artists you will have read about on the blog over the last year and a few from newer names that took my fancy.
Many artists have been kind enough to supply exclusive or hard to find tracks in the form of demos, covers, remixes and unreleased songs.
This is an old fashioned, totally handmade, and non profit release with all tapes duplicated by myself on my home stereo, and all tracks personally donated by the artists involved. A labour of love for all involved.

Cassettes cost $2 U.S each plus postage. 
Postage to New Zealand  - $3 U.S
Postage to Australia - $6 U.S
Postage to Rest of World U.S / U.K / Europe etc. - $10 U.S
I apologise for the expensive postal rates, but I'm based in New Zealand, so they've got a lot of traveling to do.
Payment can be made via Paypal to this e-mail address : nford150@hotmail.com

A digital version (is also available for $2 ( U.S ) on bandcamp here : http://theactivelistener.bandcamp.com/album/the-active-listeners-first-birthday

There are a very  limited amount of these due to the time it takes to put each copy together, so if you want one get in quickly....
Each cassette will also come with a free mp3 download version.

The tracklisting is :

Side One - The Psychedelic Side
The Magnetic Mind - Laser Fingers
Sir Psych - Fly Without Wings
Zane Armstrong - Julia
Sky Picnic - Farther In This Fairytale
Les Annees - Catherine Fields
The Solar System - Dreamer's Distance
Mordecai Smyth - I've Been So Tired
The No-Men - Let's Escape Reality

Side Two - The Acid Folk Side
Darius Greene - Leaves Around Their Eyes
Tony Wakeford - Victor Sleeps
Chuck Owston with Sara Masters - Amethyst
Emily Jones - Bed of Mud
The Rowan Amber Mill - Mandrake, Hemlock & Rye ( Ergotism Version )
The Hare & The Moon - The Rolling of the Stones
Sproatly Smith - Willow's Song

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