23 Oct 2014

Matt Talbot's Monster Project

To get the ball rolling with this year's Halloween coverage (after yesterday's free Espectrostatic download), we'd like to draw your attention to a project put together by one of our own artists.
Matt Talbot (also known as MattRobot) has been kind enough in the past to contribute artwork for a number of our sampler covers, as well as designing the Active Listener logo that greets you every time you visit this page.

For the month of October, he's set himself the unenviable task of creating a piece of artwork every day based around one of his favourite movie monsters. It's now October 23, and the results so far have been stunning.

Here's Matt's take on things:

"I started the monster project because I spend so much time making art for other people that I just wanted to do something for me--something that no one else was directing me to do. October in New England is such a great time of year. The days getting shorter and colder just makes the scary movies a little scarier. I'm such a fan of monsters and horror films that I thought drawing a daily monster would be really fun.

I'm also a huge fan of deadlines. If I don't have a deadline, I just let things sit. So I figured that if I put it out there publicly that I was going to do something every day, it would really keep me motivated. And it has! I've drawn more this month than probably the other nine months so far this year. The deadline has also forced me to be decisive and let things go a little bit. I work all day, so I really only have 2-3 hours at night to work on these. They just have to be fast.

When the month is over, I have to catch up on a bunch of work. I have several album covers to do and a bunch of other projects swirling around. I'm also slowly making progress on a graphic novel. Maybe I need to give myself a deadline to make sure it really happens!"

There's still a week or so to go, so visit Matt's tumbler page (http://mattrobot.tumblr.com/) each day for a new monster.

Matt's impressive portfolio can be viewed at http://www.mattrobot.com/

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