9 Feb 2013

Soft Hearted Scientists "Whatever Happened To The Soft Hearted Scientists?" Review

Reviewed by Nathan Ford

The Welsh have a somewhat unique relationship with psychedelia and an uncanny ability to inform even the weirdest of ideas with a skewed pop agenda that while not necessarily assuring stadium-level commercial success, is certainly palatable enough to the masses to earn a decent sized cult audience.
Bearing this in mind it's puzzling that one of the best of these bands, Soft Hearted Scientists, remain so resolutely obscure despite the best efforts of a sterling back catalogue that's earned serious acclaim but far too few listeners.
Fruits de Mer Records recognize the injustice of this situation and are doing their bit to make the world a better place by compiling the first Soft Hearted Scientists collection, which will be the first time any of this material has been available on vinyl.
Turns out Keith who runs Fruits de Mer is a bit of a super fan, and has had a little trouble whittling down the selections for this collection which has ended up as a double LP with an extra 7", containing choice album cuts, singles, previews of tracks from their forthcoming album and a bunch of demos.
Too much of a good thing certainly doesn't apply in this case however with the breadth of the Soft Hearted Scientists ambitions requiring a collection of this size to suitably convey it's scope.
But what does it sound like you ask?
It's psychedelic and pastoral prog pop of the very highest order, which sounds at times like Caravan attempting to soundtrack "The Owl Service", with that magical and mysterious vibe that makes Welsh folk music seem so exotic to us Johnny foreigners.
And it's marvelous through and through. Highly recommended.

Pre-order it from  Fruits de Mer Records here.

Sample the delights of Mount Palomar here :

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