14 Feb 2013

Video Launch - Charity Children "Elizabeth"

Indie folk duo Charity Children (Chloe Lewer and Elliott McKee) have come a long way in a short time from their roots as a two-piece in New Zealand, to the recording of their debut album "The Autumn Came" recorded with a massive fifteen piece folk orchestra in their new home of Berlin.
"The Autumn Came" will be released by Monkey Records later on this year, and is preceded by their debut single "Elizabeth", which is a massive indie folk anthem sure to appeal to fans of the Head & The Heart and Ed Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.
In their own words, "Elizabeth" is "a tribute to the unloved; a marching exaltation devoted to the downtrodden, bullied and supposedly weak. Not a mawkish bellow of patronizing sympathy, but a fighting cry to those tormented souls who refuse to feel small by the will of others."
"Elizabeth" is due for official release on the 18th of February, but Charity Children have chosen the Active Listener to launch the single and it's video three days early, so here it is:

Record Label: www.monkeyrecords.com

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