4 Sept 2013

The Flying Cape Experience "Let's Sing More About The Eyes" Review

Finnish husband and wife duo Jo and Akira make glacially beautiful neo-psychedelia (psychedelic therapy in their words) as The Flying Cape Experience, which is a suitably evocative moniker for the music they make.
Shoegaze, as you've probably gathered by now, is having something of a revival, but where most revivalists tend to be focusing on the noisy, reverb-laden guitar end of the spectrum which lends itself so well to garagey psychedelia, these two have a thing for the more ethereal practitioners of the genre with a dash of dream-pop - think the Cocteau Twins, Mazzy Star, This Mortal Coil and even Sigur Ros and you'll have an idea of the types of epic soundscapes that we're talking about here.
"Unfold" is an ambitious opener, to all intents and purposes throwing the listener in the deep end to see if they can swim, with an eleven minute opus that starts in near ambient territory before dreamy vocals start to wind their way around the arrangement. Psychedelic therapy indeed - quite lovely, but a bit of a momentum killer to start with.
Things take flight from here though with "Cry Baby" boasting a moody proto-Portishead ambience with a stunning vocal from Jo, while "I Love You" builds up to the sort of crashing crescendos that we're more used to hearing emanate from a certain Icelandic musical export.
Peaks and troughs of this sort continue to chart an album that feels like a journey, showing remarkable emotional depth as well as an  impressively versatile musical palette that also embraces crunchy guitars and synthesized beats.

Available as a free download from The Flying Cape Experience's Bandcamp page here:

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